original post date: 1/26/2014

I am continuously blown away by God’s mercy.
The fact that we serve a God who unconditionally showers us with so much mercy is hard for me to wrap my head around. Our society teaches us to get even with others, to seek revenge. We even have a phrase, “Revenge is a ____.” You can fill it in accordingly. But that is not the God we serve. No, not even close. He shows unending mercy in the face of our greatest failings. He is a God who stands with open arms. Arms waiting to embrace you in love, forgiveness, and mercy. The fact that God can see me in my brokenness and still extend His hand in mercy, is truly mind blowing to me. This is a model that is hard for me to mimic. When hurt by others, my first instinct is often to retaliate. Being a girl means this retaliation might not happen right away, it could happen after a long and drawn out plan is formed. A plan that involves getting even at a minimum, but hopefully one-upping if possible. But when I take a step back and look at this through the eyes of Christ, it breaks my heart. This is not of God, obviously. Jesus came to add & multiple. It is the Devil’s plan to subtract & divided. By allowing this long, drawn out plan to take action, I am carrying out the mission of division. Instead, God calls us to live the life of addition, the life of mercy. By showing those in our lives mercy, we are a living testimony to God’s love.

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