this summer.

**originally posted july 24, 2017**

this summer has looked different than i planned. i would have never thought that it would have played out this way. that i would still be unemployed at the end of july. but even though this has been some of the hardest few months, they have been more rich and filled than anything i could have imagined. here are some of the lessons i have learned:

  1. the power of praising while we wait
  2. there is no “in between” with God
  3. authority comes from intimacy
  4. intimacy grows in the wilderness
  5. everything He does is for our freedom
  6. no matter where you are, you’re getting something done
  7. there is no higher calling than the one God invited you into
  8. saying yes in the secret place builds friendship with Jesus
  9. scarcity is a lie
  10. He hasn’t forgotten the dreams in our hearts
  11. Eternity measures success in relationships
  12. He is better than we think He is
  13. you can get your hopes up
  14. He knows exactly where we are
  15. stewarding what’s in our hearts & on our lives is a great act of obedience that bears lasting fruit
  16. celebrating with others brings freedom
  17. we can trust Him with our hearts
  18. if He said it, He’ll do it
  19. He is spinning over me in delight
  20. good is the enemy of greatness
  21. He turns our disappointments into a dance floor
  22. we work & live from delight, not for it
  23. ministry is out of an overflow of relationship
  24. if the enemy can’t keep your heart from burning for ministry, he’ll use your ministry to burn you out
  25. the only time you’ll find God in a box is when He wants to be where we are
  26. bravery is walking straight into fear & pulling on confidence that doesn’t exist in our human mind
  27. it’s not about being right, it’s about being close
  28. rest improves the quality of everything you do
  29. He gives what we need
  30. scarcity is a lie
  31. His love is not based on performance
  32. identity is not in what you produce

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