i’m back

hi, have you missed me?

its been almost a year, which feels crazy and also untrue. i really thought i had been on here since last summer. but maybe not. anyway. i’m here now. actually i am in florida. for the 4th time in as many months. crazy. i am here to visit my best friend and recover, reset, recreate, revision, rewrite, redream, all the re-s. this last year and half of my job has been wild. the last fall felt way better and way smoother and really felt like i had so much of a better grip on everything.

but here we are. in the spring, and there is truly nothing like the spring. to say that it is wild would be an understatement. its non stop. so, i booked a flight to florida to spend time with my best friend and re-evaluate. and what. a. week.

there have been so many things i have wanted to do this year and so many projects i wanted to get going (for years) but i say i never have time for them. which is partially true, but thats because i don’t manage it. so this week has given me space to think about and pray about alot of different things. mostly personal, which has been so desperately much needed. but now, at the end of the week, i am starting to look at the professional aspects of what i need to do.

one of those things i really want to pour into is the creation of the garden. i need to be more intentional about setting aside time to write and create content for that.

but personally, there is such a need for setting a schedule in place. the more i realize how many goals and dreams i have, the more i realize i am not using my time effectively AT ALL! i used to really stick to a schedule, and i lived and died by it. but then, as i learned my life did not have to be perfect, and i didn’t have to live by a schedule, i stopped using one. well, that lead to this crazy manic state i am in now. where i do so much and so little at the same time and am pretty consumed with anxiety all the time in between.

enter in: the schedule.

so i am going to try to go back to scheduling way better. and getting more done within said schedule. because what do we know, within boundaries, there is FREEDOM. so i need that freedom. and its going to be different to learn how to balance these boundaries and ministry, because that is a whole ‘nother thing. but in my schedule, i want to be blogging more and writing more on here and getting back into a rhythm of doing creative things. so hopefully, it wont be long before you hear from me again.

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