I want to show you that I Am…


that is my new word for this new year.

as i was just thinking over the new year to come, i was causally thinking about needing to set aside time to ask God about a new word and i heard


a little surprised, i kind of asked God what that meant/if that was really the word/thought that must be what i want the word to be, because i love thinking about the faithfulness of God/it felt a little ironic because as i reflect on 2017, i feel like let down and like maybe i didn’t really see His faithfulness in all of the ways i wanted to

and as i was thinking of these things, i heard Him say

I want to show you that I Am faithful. 

my response to that was “of course you are! I know you are! I love that you are faithful!”

but my heart knew what i was holding onto. the places where i still felt frustrated that He had not been faithful. that there were promises and hopes that i felt like He had forgotten this year.

He was calling me out. He saw me, in my hiding. But what a sweet kindness. That He is a Father who sees my doubts, my questions, my hurts and is willing to prove me wrong. He wants to show me the Truth of who He is. and i don’t know what that faithfulness will look like in this new year. but I am willing to trust Him and find out what He has in store.