what a year. it has been kinda crazy and i really can’t believe it is over.

when this year started, i really felt like it would be my best year ever. and it honestly, was one of the best. but it was also one of the toughest. in the last year, i have graduated from grad school, lived unemployed for several months, moved back to my parents home, survived a 100 year flood, road tripped across the country with one of my best friends, visited the grand canyon, learned about rest, got a new job, and bought a new car.

my word for the year was health. and while it started out strong, and lasted strong for several months, i am learning that health isnt something you conquer. it is a journey. it is a story. it is a choice. it is a lifestyle. it is going to take time to find what healthy looks like for me and what sustainability looks like in each season. as i reflect on where i am ending 2017, i cant help but think this was a total move to help me really take health seriously for the first time ever. in all aspects of my life.

there were lots of lessons and here a few, especially from the last few months:

  1. sometimes He asks us to leave the 99 for the 1
  2. complaining about doing something out of obedience doesn’t add “holy” points
  3. there is only love in the eyes of the Father
  4. a lease really is a good idea
  5. it is important to honor what you have been called to do
  6. hometowns have a way of making you feel like a teenager sometimes
  7. Heaven is freaking cheering you on
  8. He sees it all
  9. it is VITAL that i create, it is a life source
  10. He puts the air back in our lungs
  11. people really do want to love the Lord
  12. choosing family is hard
  13. silence is not an absence of something, it is full of everything
  14. making a mess is okay, you aren’t kicked out of the family
  15. it isn’t worth it to give an offering that isn’t costly
  16. collaboration over comparison
  17. He can handle your disappointment
  18. He knows where you are, and its okay that you are there
  19. He still hasn’t fallen off His throne
  20. He isn’t scared of anything
  21. you aren’t alone
  22. He comes in close
  23. He will send the Holy Spirit
  24. He is so proud to be seen with you
  25. You are the gift He gives to Himself
  26. real love requires a response; if you dont have a response to love, you didnt receive it
  27. serve. where. you. are. planted